Celebrating Mona's 10th Anniversary on San Juan Island! In 2005, Mona came to live on a lovely farm when a nice island man bought her for his wife.

Since then she has become an icon, a must-see island attraction.

Mona has always been a pet camel.

It's possible that she has never even seen another camel in her adult life.

She and Steve live on Roche Harbor Road, about five miles from Friday Harbor. you'll notice that mona always has a friend with her.

usually it's her friend the llama.

You can always visit Mona over the fence, but PLEASE DO NOT FEED HER!

She is friendly and curious, but she is most of all interested in eating treats and can be just a little bit aggressive if she sees you have something to eat.  

To read Mona's Story by Paula Sundstrom in the local newspaper, visit this link: 


Meanwhile, if you want a Mona souvenir...

There are lots of photographs and paintings of Mona in our local galleries and studios, and even a Mona plush toy, available here only.

 MONA PLUSH TOY: $24 includes shipping.

​We are a small family owned company living on San Juan Island and we greatly appreciate your purchase.

Your Mona will come to you within a week. We only ship to the U.S. Please contact us if you live elsewhere. Thank you!

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